this one is about love

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

**about 24 hours ago**

i write this as i watch the television in america on tuesday november 8th, 2016. 

once i post this, a decision will be made, the leader of the next four years of our country will have been decided. 

but right now, we are all waiting with bated breath, gripping onto ideologies like childhood stuffed animals like we can't make it a day without them like if they're taken from us we won't survive. 

and i am guilty of this. i am terrified of the outcome of this night for my country. 

but what calms my nerves right now is the faith i have in love. love will win. love has to win. 

here's what i know: every human longs to be seen, to be accepted, to be loved. this longing drives us and sometimes in the wrong direction. when we don't receive these things, we can become distorted versions of ourselves. 

what i believe is that all brokenness stems from a lack of support or acceptance in an area of life. 

so what can we do in this difficult time?

we can love. vague, i suppose. but a timeless virtue that has never failed. 

smile at a stranger. give spare change to those who ask. encouragement to acquaintances. hold hands with the hurting. 

we can rise above this, friends. 

we can come alongside humans that are different from us. different faces, different orientation, different preferences, we can look them in the eyes and say, "we are the same."

we are broken, we are beautiful, we are trying. 

as long as we have love, we will survive. we will continue on and we will grow.

we need each other, fellow humans of the world. let's hold each others' hearts like precious diamonds and never let go.

** today **

i've been fighting back tears all day long. my heart aches for this country, for this world. 

i write this as a straight white female. i can't begin to imagine what my fellow LGBTQ, black, hispanic, asian, immigrant, young, old, poverty-stricken, marginalized brothers and sisters are feeling right now. 

here is what i know: we can rise above this.

hope is a well within you. the rain fills it and you can dig in, you can quench your thirst, you can overflow.

love is the answer. we must love with boldness in this difficult time. 

you may not feel accepted, understood, loved. but i want you to know - 

please know - 

take this and hold it like a torch, bright and contagious -  

you are so valuable. you are so precious. despite what this election may mean for our country, love will drive out hate. 

there is still good. look for the good. be the good.

if your heart is breaking today, tomorrow, the next day, please speak out. there is still good in this world & we need you so desperately. we need your gentle spirit. stay.

"This loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. It is, it is worth it." - Hillary Clinton


Listening to:

1-800-273-8255 is the US National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

i am here with you. i accept you. i love you.


  1. thank you.

  2. Thank you Ashley❤

  3. I couldn't agree more, love and kindness are definitely the answers, you don't fight fire with fire, it's in our hands, and I say "ours" even not being american, because it affects the whole world; we need to cling to that tiny amount of hope, I pray all of us keep inside and stay together, it's probably gonna get ugly but it's gonna be worth it.

    so much love to you, Ashley, you're a valuable human being.

  4. Like many other people in this country my heart is hearting and my eyes can't stop watering. However, I know we must continue to push for what we believe. I just came back from a trump protest and it was inspiring to see all different types of people coming out and chanting and protesting together. Holding each other up, fighting for a life that we all so desperately deserve. We really did not see trumps tragic win coming. We really didn't and what a disapointment it is. But like you said Ashley we need each others love and support now more than ever. Thank you for your love and encouragment. Thank you for being a wonderful human being. Love you #imwithher

  5. Thank you so much for being a beacon of hope in this dark time. Sending all the love I can muster in your direction. <3

  6. I look forward to your posts every week. It's great to know that I'm not alone. Thank you for being you, Ashley. <3

  7. What scares me most is...if they do away with things like affordable health care...my love could die. My husband is a type 1 diabetic and he cannot survive without his medication. I was moving along ok until that realization hit and now, I'm terrified.

  8. ashley, you're an angel. thank you so much for writing this.