making ends meet (a new beginning)

hello there, friend.

if you're familiar with the space, it's been quite awhile, hasn't it? 

the last time we met here together my life looked very different. the last time we met here i lived in columbus, ohio. the last time we met here i was married. in the past two years or so there as been so much change. there's been grief and mourning and beauty and love. there's been so much healing and i've spiritually grown over ten feet tall. 

so, while there are plenty of details to be shared about those changes, i think i'd like to share in small bits. i will share them here as time goes on, in the meantime, maybe we can get coffee and talk about it all. for now, i just want to say hello, and i hope, despite all of our growth and change, we can pick up where we left off. 

among the many things i have to speak with you about, i must say that my mental health has ebbed and flowed since we last spoke. there have been some high peaks and some very deep valleys. but i'm still here. with the help of therapy and art and friends i am still here.

i hope you stay here too. 

life can be inexplicably heavy and aching and harsh winds, but we hold on together. i'm here. you're safe. the storm always passes. 

oh, by the way, if it's your first time in this space, welcome! please feel comfortable to come as you are. keep your shoes on if you want, the floors aren't that clean anyway. 

if it's your first time in this space, please let me introduce myself. 

my name is ashley dun. i write poetry and talk about deep feelings and the sometimes-scary-human-moments and healing from those together. in february of this year i moved to santa barbara, california and i am cleansed daily by the beauty and kindness of this place and its people.

and speaking of poetry, 

i've been working on a new book

quite a bit actually. working so hard that it is actually almost finished. and it will be released through secret midnight press - before the end of the year. the moment i know a specific date, i'll let you know. i'm very excited about this one, ya'll. 

so, all this to say, if you're a familiar, i've missed you. if it's your first time here, i'm so glad you came. i plan to express myself here regularly again. 

i'd like to start by doing a Q&A post in the next week. please email me your questions and i will try to get to as many as i can :) if you want, tell me one of your favorite things about yourself after the question! sign with your name if you'd like your name posted, or leave it blank to remain anonymous <3 

send your 'Qs' to theashleydun@gmail.com and check back for the 'A' post very soon.

if you haven't realized yet, it's been awhile since i've been here, so i'm not entirely sure how to wrap this up. so i'll leave you with a photo of me hanging out with a cat named crybaby lovewonder.

i hope that your day has been and continues to be gentle to you. 

talk to you soon, friend.



Listening to:

Dionne (feat. Justin Vernon) - The Japanese House


  1. oh wow, I’m so glad we’re back here, I’ve missed this. congrats on the new book!!! how exciting, I’m definitely getting it and i’ll be definitely sending some q’s soon.
    welcome back to you too, all the love

  2. First time here and I’m excited to hear more. English is not my first language so writing is difficult for me but I enjoy reading especially blogs. Blogs give you such inside to the writer.


  3. You are back and i'm excited. Be safe, be loved, smile. My love2u