my new poetry book: a lens to see behind the sky

on the two year anniversary of my first book's release, pre-sale begins for my second book: A Lens To See Behind The Sky. 
pre-orders begin november 14, 2018 with a ship date of december 1, 2018. getting to you in time for christmas.
pre-order on amazon - or through secret midnight press for an exclusive signed copy!

i can't believe it's been two years. in 2016 my good friend jesse cale and i decided together to finally put together our books of poems written over years. 

instead of just self-publishing, we wanted to create a home, a world even, for fellow deep-feelers like us. so on november 14, 2016 we launched secret midnight press. you can read more about that here.

that day i published my first book of poetry. a simple little book called smoke signals (burn this). the response to this was overwhelming, and i was immediately inspired to continue creating. so over the past two years i have been writing and dreaming about my next creation. 

if this is your first time here and you haven't read any of my poetry, i've posted a good amount of it here!

if you've been here before, you know that i speak quite a bit about my struggles with mental health issues, and this book is no exception. there are dark moments. moments which i hope help shed a light on the daily struggles of depression and anxiety. moments which i hope help those who relate feel less alone. 

when i began dreaming of this book, i knew i wanted it to be more immersive. to contain ways for the reader to interact, to be challenged even to think deeply and to look inward. 

i've been enamored by vintage books for as long as i can remember, even obtaining a pretty decent sized collection. so i wanted to bring in some of those elements to this book.

there will be a vintage-inspired special edition hardback available exclusively through secret midnight pressi am the most excited about this. 

i was gifted a vintage typewriter when i was seventeen, and still use it often. i used it to create letters and collages with old photographs to experience throughout the book. 

all of the old photographs throughout the book were taken of or by my great-grandfather william s. dun.
his son, my grandfather, was a war photographer as well. creativity, it seems, runs deeply in my family. 

the photography my great-grandfather william took of his travels all over the world and his time in the war evoke such emotion, which i think fits in the world of poetry; in the world of feeling everything. 

i also reached out to my friend emma ruff, who is similarly passionate about poetry and vintage things, to create a handful of collages based on my poetry. here is a sneak peak of her wonderful art:

some more important things about this book:

Smoke Signals (Burn This) will become part one of the four parts of this book
this means smoke signals as a single entity will be discontinued

i also included poetry from the collaboration book with jesse cale live poems love poems.
i plan to do at least one US tour in 2019 reading both new and old poems. hopefully other countries as well! what city could i meet you in? we're hoping to tour this coming spring :)

this is my final typewriter poem that i will be running as a contest on my instagram. check my instagram stories to win a signed and framed copy of the book's title poem. the winner will be entered to win a signed copy of the book once it's released.

thank you, as always, from the bottom of my heart. for those who have been there since day one, who have encouraged and supported my growth through all of these growing pains the past couple of years. and to you reading this right now.

i hope this book makes you feel seen. 
i hope this book gives you courage to fight the darkness. 
there is light on the other side. 
i promise. 
i've seen it. 



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