the world of atlas black: year two + announcement!

hello sweetest soul,

it's been awhile. i've taken some time off blogging for many various reasons (mostly mentioned in my last post), but i've missed it dearly. this is a special place, and i'm ready to talk with you again more regularly. i've been working on learning my way around vlogging, so that'll be a new thing for us coming soon :)

but right now i want to talk briefly about this past weekend. 

there was music, there was poetry, there was hope. imagine you've been holding your breath for weeks and months and someone finally tells you it's okay to exhale. that's what Atlas Black was for me. 

it's a world where you can be whoever you want to be. create a character, or be the most stripped down version of yourself. i found myself being a little bit of both. i found myself on stage sharing my soul to a group of humans who couldn't be more gentle with it. it's a loving community of creatives, feelers, fire-breathing living creatures. you're allowed to be you here.

on sunday my friend jesse cale put on black feather wings and i put craft glitter glue on my face and we went on stage and shared our hearts. this was just one of the many layers of the weekend that was The World of Atlas Black .

Atlas Black is a yearly art festival put on by secret midnight press. it's a dream we had in 2016 and brought to life in 2017, a dream where creatives can step out of the darkness and feel free if only for a moment. here is a video describing the vision: watch here.

videos of me reading:

our newest author lee martens kicked off the evening with her beautiful and heartbreaking stories. we also offered an open mic at the end and so many stunning humans shared their art. i was in awe of the vulnerability and raw talent. 

meeting many of you afterward was even more inspiring. the amount of love and honesty shared in this space warms me from head to toe. 

we talked about mental illness and the struggles of being a creative empath. we talked about hope, about knowing that your joy is worth fighting for. you are worth fighting for. 

i plan to talk more about these things in the coming weeks. i can't wait to dive to the depths again with you. to discuss the hard things, the things that weigh a lot, but how we can help each other lighten the burden. we're in this together. 

thank you for making it this far. it's time for the announcement:

i let the world know on stage this weekend that i am finishing up my new book! 

coming to you in november. and with each blog post leading up to this i will be doing a contest on my instagram story. 

i will be hand-typing a new poem, and if you repost my story, you can win a signed & framed copy! plus the winner is entered to win a personalized copy of my new book once it's out :)

i am so excited for this new chapter, friends. i can't wait to share and grow stronger with you. 



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  1. �� love everything about this.

  2. This is a beautiful post Ashley, and congrats on finishing up your new book! Can't wait to read it x

    Chloe x

  3. i love this and you ashley. keep fighting. ��

  4. I just found I'd pulled this up on my phone and never got around to reading until now. Looks like a great night 💓

  5. Awesome – and thanks a lot!