you are not alone

you are not alone. 

i cannot say this enough times. life is a wild ride & we're all in it together. no one is in complete control. we are blown by the wind and we feel weak but really, there is no limit to your strength. you may be going through your worst case scenario. you may be on a ledge, it's time to jump and you don't know where you'll land. you may be floating in the sparkling sea but really, we're all connected. 

there's this thread that binds together every human that has ever been and will be. this thread is emotion. constant, rushing, wild emotion. of course there are highs and lows. but not a single soul is resting in just one emotion. as time has gone by, we've found new ways to make it seem this way. social media can paint a perfect picture to make it seem like we're settled, whole, at perfect peace. but this just truly does not exist. because as living beings with nerve endings firing, blood rushing through us, we are much more than a photo album. we're more than a witty comment, more than followers and likes. 

life is a dance. we switch partners with joy and pain and every other feeling on the spectrum swirls around us. but we try desperately to make it appear as if know the moves, studied and secure, that we dance in time with the tune of our being. we're all trying. 

remember this when you are taking care of yourself. 
remember this when you are taking care of others. 

you are not the only one wrestling pain, fear, loss. every human alive is experiencing a form of these emotions at all times. because we are complex creatures, we are beautiful, and we are in this together. 

as my dear friend jesse cale explains so well: 'you're not broken. you're just a deep feeling magic being.'

you don't have to hide your heart. be free. 

you are not alone.


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  1. It was hard day - i mean today. But I knew - when I'll back home, I'll read your post. And now.. I can say - I'm one of happy women in my city. Don't laugh, please! Thank you, Ashley - for your word and feeling. Guess, i'll say it on and on, every time, because it means a lot for me. xo.

  2. Ashley, I cannot express in simple typed words how much your blog and all of this means to me, and so many others. Thank you for sharing this platform and thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us

  3. thanks for sharing your words. I ordered smoke signals and I already know it'll be amazing :)

  4. I love the message of not being broken. Although sometimes is comforting to admit that something doesn't work "right" in my head (I have BPD so), I refuse to believe that I'm a broken toy. I like to talk with other people that is experiencing the same with their mental health and sometimes we laught and say yep we're freaking messed up, crazy and broken blahblahblah but inside of our hearts we know that those words are just a catartic way to express our feelings and embrace the reality of our situation. But at the end of the day we are still fighting. We are still here.