finally, spring

it never fails that every spring for me feels like the first spring i've ever experienced. winters in the midwest can be so long and so brutal. the jagged tree limbs are sharp against the grey skies and it can be hard to feel hopeful some days. 

so when i look out of my window and see little white flower buds pushing through the sharp edges of the branches, i feel every part of me soften. like i've been holding my breath for months and now i can finally let it out, close my eyes, and welcome the sun. it's incredible.

these past few weeks have been consumed with secret midnight press projects. and i imagine the next hundred thousands weeks of my life will be as well, but it's such a source of joy in my life that it's fully worth it. jesse and i are always brainstorming (or heartstorming?) new ideas for the coming months and years and i'm beyond excited. 

we have finally gotten all of the products of our spring seasonal box. we announced subscription boxes recently, each season will bring new, creative, curated products to your door. seasonal themed products to gently inspire the deep-feeler inside of you. we have poured so much of ourselves into these things and i know with my whole heart that they will be sources of joy and peace. i can't wait to bring all of them to life.

that being said, this new spring box includes our newest book of poetry. we collaborated on this one, providing poems with the themes of life & love. these poems are raw and honest, drawing some from the dark depths, and some with the shiny edges around the dark clouds. 

this book is currently only available in the spring box. as the seasons go on, we will continue to add more products to buy on their own. but for now, it's home is in this season, along with other objects that inspire earthy newness.

so i will leave you with a couple of things:

starting next week i will be going back to post every wednesday. 

i feel as though i'm coming out of a soul-hibernation as the weather warms me. i'm inspired and excited to share with you, feel with you, grow with you every single week. 

and lastly, i'd like to share with you a poem of mine from Live Poems Love Poems


you were born from the universe
close your eyes and see the galaxy
open them and watch the stardust dance
milky moons wash over you
moss makes up your insides and
you bleed lava
feel the burn of change on your flesh
groan with the ancient trees and
know, if only,
your spirit is spectacular

talk to you soon.



Listening to:

Balmorhea - Divisadero


  1. Yes back to posts every wednesday! I'm looking forward to that and the new book ❤

  2. I absolutely love the poem that you shared from your book, and am looking forward to more beautiful blog posts from you. The piece of music that you put at the end is lovely too, I like to hear new songs like that :)

  3. I love spring, I love poetry I love everything about this <3 I can't afford to buy a box right now but some day in the future I wish I could buy your new poetry book somehow. I'm still reading smoke signals and it's such a warm experience. I especially loved nr 14. about autumn leaves dying for my sins and about the winter that will never last. I think that's one of my favourites from your first book. and yay I feel the same thing, spring fills me up with life and inspiration and I feel so much more freedom than in winter. I have said already that I love spring? I love spring. and I love your poetry.

  4. woah so many good news in just one post, first of all that poem was magical, second, I'm so glad we'll meet again weekly and third the seasonal boxes sound so heartwarming, I'm on the other half of the world so we don't go through the same seasons at the same time but I would still love to subscribe and get some of that certain season, I've always felt I was born on the wrong half, believe it or not, during summer I miss some bits of winter and fall and well I crave summer/spring all year haha

    hope you're having a lovely week, see you here tomorrow.

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