hello, love. i hope that wherever you're sitting, standing, or laying your head right now is like a soft blanket protecting you. i hope that you feel safe. i hope that you know you're loved.

tonight, as the sun set, a small flurry of snowflakes started falling and the world felt quiet. for a moment. and then the loud hurricane of thoughts took over again and i was swallowed up. sometimes i can hear my heartbeat so loudly it paralyzes me. sometimes i can hear the blood rushing through the veins of humanity and i can't breathe. life can be too much sometimes.

and it helps me to come to this place. to know that you're here with me. to know that you're reading this now, maybe understanding or maybe not, but you're with me. it helps.

but i do often feel like i don't have enough to give to you. like i'm giving so much of myself away every day and there's nothing left.

secret midnight press is growing and changing and i want to give it my all.

that being said, for the time being, instead of posting every wednesday i will be posting every 1st and 3rd wednesday of the month. that way i can give enough of myself to my company, to my friends and family, and still have enough to give to you wonderful humans.

if you'd like to continue following along, you can subscribe and get emails whenever i post.

thank you for being here with me. it means more than you could ever know.

talk to you soon.


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Maggie Rogers - On + Off


  1. Thank u so much for this I'm crying reading this. That poem is beautiful

  2. firstly, thank you for always bearing your soul to us. i know it is not easy, but it shows us all how brave you truly are. secondly, never worry about giving us "too much" of you. two posts a month is more than enough. don't spread yourself too thin. finally, never forget to take care of and protect yourself too. you are just as important as anyone in this little family you have created. ♡ ♡ ♡

  3. Thank you so much for doing this blog in the first place. I can't explain how your words have help me grow 💜

  4. Thank you so much for doing this blog in the first place. I can't explain how your words have help me grow 💜

  5. of course I'll continue visiting you here, talk to you soon x

  6. I love this, we are here, we are understanding, or at least, we understand our own perspective of things and hope for the best of you. I'm sad to hear about less frequent postings, but I'm so so excited for your work with secret midnight press and hope you don't exhaust yourself but are able to thrive in these new exciting opportunities

  7. I totally get it, Ashley. The best is yet to come. I pray for peace and comfort to abound in your heart. And know that you too, are so very loved. <3

  8. Of course I'll still keep reading. Thank YOU for sharing with us. 💖

  9. that poem is beautiful❤ i am excited to see where you go with secret midnight press and i cant wait to get the next book/box you release. take as much time as you need. i will be here waiting for you. all the love xx

  10. that was amazing, thanks so much for sharing your words with us. I ordered smoke signals and I already know it'll be my favorite book. ♥︎

  11. oh, Ashley. Thank you for your feelings, words and caresses about every of us. I'm glad to read your thoughts in this blog and feel your support and friendly mood. Hope, you'll get much joy from your work and share with me and other readers. You are incredible author, wonderful woman. I'm happy to come here every time. with love.