hello dearest one. 

as november wraps up, the air has a crisp chill, the birds and leaves are leaving, and the holiday season is spiraling around us like soft glow string lights. 

sometimes it feels like we wake up each morning, sit up, and set our feet down on the hour hand of a clock. life moves us forward whether we like it or not. 

change is scary. 

like diving off a cliff into dark water, there is a thrill, a rush, but the unknown eventually swallows us and we can sink or swim. 

life has thrown some curve balls over here lately. it feels like the riptide is growing and the shore seems so far. 

most of my life i've dealt with seasonal depression. i'm guessing you or a loved one have too. if you live in a place where cold, grey, snowy days fill the winter months, it can be hard to feel like yourself. 

not to mention the holidays - an emotional time for many. movies and television tell us that holidays equal warmth and glowing fireplaces, love filling the rooms of our families. but this is not the picture that many people see. 

as the sun sets sooner, the warmth grows weary and layers are needed, it's easy to hide out in the dark.

it's easy to let the cold whisper lies burying deep in your bones that you're not brave enough to handle it. 

but this season, let's not do what's easy. let's not listen to the winter wind that pushes us into a dark corner, completely alone. 

because the truth is i need you.

i often end up isolating myself in the colder months, convinced that i'm hollow and have nothing to offer. 

so when you're bundled up and braving the brisk winds, smile at a stranger. give spare change whenever you get a chance. look into the eyes of the person taking your dinner order and know that she feels things deep in her soul that you'll never know.  

change is scary.

but you're stronger than you know.


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  1. I truly believe that one person can change your life. I met this one counselor a couple years back, she made change in my life with anxiety that no one else was able to move through for 30 years just by working with mindfulness. I think you are very brave by speaking truth so others do not feel alone. Change can happen, keep taking everything day by day, hour by hour and love yourself. Very proud of you for helping others with your writing.

  2. Thank you so much for this, Ashley. I too have had some scary changes happen in my life recently and this most was much needed. I love you so much and hope to meet you soon on your book tour! :)

  3. I deal with seasonal depression.
    I'm on the lower part of the world so gladly the cold and darks days are coming to an end; I admit I let myself drown into those ahadows that screamed my name louder than ever and I know for sure I don't want to come back to that place, I believe in changes.

    even tho the past months I found myself lost I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable to do, I developed some techniques to feel hopeful when I felt that was it and I'm gonna try real hard to get as stronger as possible this spring/summer so next winter I can fight those voices back, for now, I'm here, ready to share a little sunlight with anyone in need.

    ps: now that I'm reading what I just wrote I'm finally aware of how safe is this place you built, I wouldn't tell this to a random person, it's more than nice to know I can say it here. thank you.

    hope you have a lovely week and happy thanksgiving.

  4. I've had SAD for only a few years. Living in Minnesota, the winter days out number the sunny ones. Have you heard of light therapy? I just ordered a light box and it really does help. Obviously it won't make us feel like we do during summer but it helps lift some of the fatigue and irritability!!!

    Have a great thanksgiving!


  5. You help me so much and i really appreciate it �� i have been dealing with S.A.D. and it really suck , and its nice knowing that there are people and things like this that help me go on with my life. Thank you��

  6. I wanted to leave a comment to say thank you.
    I discovered your blog not too long ago and you talked about anxiety and ways that you overcome it, so I started looking into my own anxiety and panic attacks, learning what I could about what I have and others around me have, and it got me thinking: can I help other people in simple ways that you (unknowingly) helped me?
    I started by talking to people on instagram who I had noticed were posting about fears, anxiety, sadness, loneliness. I loved making sure that they were okay, knowing that they knew how incredible they were.
    Then, like a bolt from the blue, someone posted about Crisis Text Line hiring, and now, just a few weeks later, I'm almost done training to be a crisis counselor!
    So thank you, honestly, for your words, your insight, and your honesty. If you ever need someone to talk to about anything, I'm here. (not much, but that's the best thanks I can give!)
    -Alison S.

  7. Alison! This comment warms my heart more than you could ever know.
    I am so thankful for your kind heart and love for others. You are changing and saving lives. You are whispering loveliness into the wind that will make the world a more beautiful place. It'll be a challenging road ahead of you (nothing amazing isn't) - but I know you'll be strong and your life will have so much meaning.
    Thank you for telling me. Thank you for being you. <3

  8. thank you so much. your writing amazes me and this blog helps me so much. i love your way of dealing with things. it means so much to me that you would do this and help other people with what they have to struggle with. we love you so much. thank you

  9. here the winter is dark and cold. snow often does not come before january but then stays until april days. you inspired me to this little projects: giving people small compliments, even strangers, without wanting annything in return. a little sentence given as a gift.
    very powerful results as small stubborn sunrays braving this difficult season.
    thanks to you ashley for reminding me to give and share