a few small things about this small girl named ashley

hello, moonbeam. 

i don't think i can say it often enough or in unique enough ways: thank you. i like you. i like sharing this space together. 

this is a blog post and i am sitting here right now writing it, but i don't know anything really about blogging. about what people really want to read or experience when they click a link or type in the letters that lead them to a person's blog. 

all i try to do here is be honest and a little bit vulnerable and hope deep down in my heart that it makes you feel safe and warm in the space you're in now.

so thank you for getting this far, for putting up with my ignorance and i guess my lack of research. 

i could follow hundreds of blogs and try to crack the code of 'How To Make Money As A Blogger' or 'How To Reach Existential Peace Through The Affirmation Of The Internet.'

well, maybe i'm a little guilty of that last one. aren't we all?

so thank you for getting this far.

this week i wanted to help you get to know me a little better. maybe you know by now that i write poetry. that i often do that in an attempt to battle depression and anxiety. that i write these things in an attempt help you feel loved and accepted and understood. but i thought this week maybe we could talk about some lighter aspects of my life. 

so, here we go. 

i live in columbus, ohio. i always have, actually. this may change someday, but for now it's safe and cozy. 

i have never broken a bone. knock-on-wood. 

i was vegetarian for ten years and about a year ago became vegan. i don't like talking about it that much because i hate to make people feel uncomfortable about their own diet. it's similar to politics & religion to me. if you ask, i'll gladly share my personal beliefs & i won't expect you to agree with every aspect of them. if you don't ask, i won't force it, and we can hold hands and skip off into the sunset.

i have two cats called charlie & india. they are so cuddly and bring me so much joy.

my husband andrew is my favorite person in the universe. he's stood by me for over eight years now and i'm a better person because of him. i truly hope everyone reading this has someone like andrew in their lives. his patience and love never run out and i am so thankful. 

many years and multiple tests later, i am still an ENFP. down to the last drop. this means i am terrified of people but i need them to survive so i'm almost always uncomfortable. 

i am always restless and i hope to travel regularly for as long as i can. 

andrew is a musician and craftsman and we manage some real-estate properties and you guys, we don't have a lot of money, but we have a lot of love and we always make it work. 

i am left-handed.

i played basketball and was in a few musicals in high school. i was friends with every type of person.

lastly, my loves, my book of poems will be out in december. my dear friend jesse cale and i are collaborating in some really cool ways and we hope to maybe have the opportunity to meet you sometime next year. this is going to be so much fun. 

and now. i would love to hear a fun fact about you. you guys are always blowing my mind with your giant hearts and your gifts and i love connecting with you. let's talk. we're in this together & i can't wait for what's to come. 


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  1. I'm have an INFB personality
    I'm left handed
    It's my birthday today
    I live in calgary in canada
    I've also never broken a bone
    I've always wanted to travel around the world
    One of my hobbies is drawing
    Here are some random facts about me:)

  2. what a lovely thing to read after a long wednesday!!

    it's funny because I'm constanly thinking "this would be a great fun fact about me" but now I'm struggling to find one... let's say when I was little (around four or five years old) I used to spend my afternoons sitting in front of an old radio listening to my favorite cassettes.

    ps: I'm definitely going to buy your book as christmas present for myself.

  3. A fun fact about me: i have been thinking about my occupational goal in life lately, and i have decided i would love to be a photojournalist for a bigger news platform like huffington post or buzzfeed. if not that i would love to be a veterinarian, but i feel like it would be counterfeit for me to be one; i am not a vegetarian and don't plan on being one. blah blah blah. thank you for your blog, i love to read when i wind down in the evening, especially with a cup of tea and some tunes on. have a nice day/night, and thank you for being you <3

  4. my name is yulissa

    i have three brothers..i'm the only girl..yay me

    at one point in my life i had eight cats but they're all gone now (i swear my family & i aren't crazy)

    i go to university in chicago

    i don't know what i want to do with my life

    all i do know is that i had tears in my eyes at the thought of the possibly of meeting you and jesse (please come to chicago, i beg)

    i enjoy learning sign language. i teach myself by watching youtube vids.

    your poetry makes my cry and smile. sometimes even at the same time.

    i'm a literal watermelon and oregano freak. i love them. just maybe not together.

    i like pineapple on my pizza.

    sorry this is lengthy. just wanna say one last thing really quick.

    i know we don't truly know each other, but through your blog and your tumbler, i feel like were old friends. the kind that get brunch together and go out for tea or coffee. the kind that only go to petco to pet the cats and then leave. it feels like that.

    and while i could not be more grateful for our distant friendship, i hope to meet you someday.

    till your next post <3 thank you

    1. Hiii Ashley,
      Ummm this is hard 😂😂 I have a goal to publish my first book in 4 years. I am learning how to play the piano. I use poetry too as an outlet. I have diabetes and Celiac but it's a part of me and I love to look at in a positive light. I have an inspirational page and your blog really helps me do so. I have 7 guinea pigs 2 dogs 3 birds a chinchilla and a fish.
      Love, Tiana
      Ps. I can't wait to get your book and hopefully meet you one day.

    2. Hiii Ashley,
      Ummm this is hard 😂😂 I have a goal to publish my first book in 4 years. I am learning how to play the piano. I use poetry too as an outlet. I have diabetes and Celiac but it's a part of me and I love to look at in a positive light. I have an inspirational page and your blog really helps me do so. I have 7 guinea pigs 2 dogs 3 birds a chinchilla and a fish.
      Love, Tiana
      Ps. I can't wait to get your book and hopefully meet you one day.

  5. I'm 26.
    I had a cat for 14 years and she randomly disappeared two years ago. I haven't gotten over losing her. My heart still feels heavy just thinking about her.
    I love music. It helps me in so many ways.
    I love going to the movies. I pretty much go every single weekend.
    I love coffee. I cannot go a day without it.

  6. My name is Madeline.
    I'm 20 years old.
    I live in Northwestern Illinois.
    I hope to someday write professionally.
    I love art in all it's forms but I haven't painted in years.
    I have two dogs. (Wylie Burp and Nova)
    I love lemon ginger tea.
    Fishing is one of my favorite pastimes although I almost never get to do it.
    I live for live music.
    I love to cook.
    I'm currently learning to play guitar.
    I can't wait for your poetry book (And Jesse's!) and the possibility of meeting you someday makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    All the love. <3

  7. the name's kirsten but i tend to go by dez for reasons i don't go on about unless asked

    i'm from kansas in a city close to kansas city

    i'm currently surviving high school (not very well though)

    i love learning things in my free time, my favorite topics being psych and philosophy

    my favorite shows have become community and bob's burgers

    as a young child i was "weirdly" obsessed with michael jackson

    i have a bad habit of dabbling in everything

  8. i am an infj/p. literally a perfect 50/50 for the j/p (i forget what they stand for)
    i have recently become a vegan, and i've never felt better in my life.
    i am an aspiring music photographer. i hope to travel the world one day with this career.
    my mind is crazy scary, but art keeps me sane.
    i have this thing called ehlers-danlos syndrome.
    i currently live in pittsburgh, but i lived in ohio for a short period of time. i left my heart in columbus and i can't wait to go back again

  9. I am an INFP (same as my two favourite characters Fox Mulder and Amelie)
    I have broken my nose five times and my big toe once in my sleep.
    I live in Melbourne, Australia
    I have a kitten named Gustave, he is as cheeky as he is cute (which is ALOT)
    I have lived in every state in Australia and up until I was 16 had never lived in a place for longer than a year.

  10. I'm so glad you're not blogging to make money, or blogging like you're "supposed" to. just do whatever feels good to you. and personally, I really like the way you reach out to people, it makes your blog very interesting and makes me want to get back here every week <3. so yeah I really love this post that is just about who you are as a person. because people are interesting and precious.

    -I've broken bones three times, a toe, an arm and my left ring finger. my left ring finger has never grown together in a healthy way, and now it's bend for ever. and it is for this reason that I can't make a decent fist with my left hand

    -I've never done personality tests, but I know I'm terrified of humans as well. and just as you I need them to survive. I still find that confusing.

    -I'm currently working as a door to door sales person. ringing strange people's doorbells terrifies me, but sitting on their couches and having interesting conversations is so much fun. there are so many friendly people out there, so this door to door job is a really good lesson for me.

    -but I'm actually a chemical analyst, still looking for a proper job

    -I'm a Hufflepuff and my patronus is a Siberian Cat. meow.

    -my last name is Tabak, which is the Dutch word for Tobacco.
    -I'm allergic to cigarette smoke.

    -I've been living in a little town called Drogeham, which means dry ham in dutch. I've been living here for 23 years, but I'm planning on moving out as soon as possible. lets discover the world!

    -I like spiders, most people don't like them, I think they're cute <3.

  11. I'm also an ENFP!
    I searched it on Google to see what you were talking about, and the link was purple because it was my previous result!

    I am a late night feeler who is also sometimes a daytime feeler, in the worst way.

    I am on my road to Faith again, and it's making me much happier.

    I am in a constant battle every day, but reading your blogs (I read every single one today) has given me so much hope that it can get better. I thank you so much for that. You and Jesse are both huge inspirations to me.

    I keep all of my poetry on my phone or laptop, but I am asking for a journal this Christmas so I can write them all down. I'm not sure if I'll ever share them one day, but I hope to. I also hope to without being judged.

    I have two cats, Buzz and Woody that I got (and named) when I was 5. I miss them dearly. They are my favorite cuddle buddies.

    I am from a VERY small town from Illinois called Beecher. We too know how to be loud and have loads of fun if the occasion ever arises.

    I am right handed.

    I am a varsity swimmer at my college, I have been swimming for 10 years now, and there is nothing I love more.
    I am studying Sport Leadership. I hope to one day travel all over the world and also be a college swim coach (most likely not at the same time).

    I am 19 years old, but I feel like most people that I am fond of and want to be friends with are all twenty-something(just like you and Jesse).

    Concerts are probably my second favorite thing in the entire world (your brother's included).

    My first favorite thing in the world is a crystal clear black sky covered in a blanket of stars and galaxies.
    Lots of people get intimidated by how vast the universe is, and how we mean nothing, but it intrigues me.
    Just it's beauty.
    Pure beauty.

    I love love love to write as I mentioned before. I also love to sing. I love acting and being in plays and musicals. I love dancing. I love playing volleyball. I LOVE working with special needs children. I love working with children in general.
    I love all of these things, but I never seem to have the time to do them all, which is sad. I like to use my summer as an outlet to do all the things I love while I no longer have the responsibility of school weighing over my shoulders.

    I love families, my family, family time, and anything that constitutes togetherness. Family is very very important to me, and if I wasn't blessed with the family I have now, I would be a completely different person.

    I rambled and told you too much, but that is also a part of who I am.
    I hope one day, we may meet.

    Thanks again, Ashley.
    Stay inspiring.