clothing / a creative outlet

hello, starshine.

i hope your day has treated you gently.

if it's okay, i'd love to talk just a little bit about a hobby of mine.

ever since i was little i would play 'dress up' with friends, which essentially just meant we would try on my mom's clothes and talk in funny accents. kids are strange creatures.

i'm very aesthetically driven. i always need things around me to be tidy and soft and lovely to look at. i would always clean my friends' rooms when i was a kid. when i say kids are strange creatures, i really just mean i'm a strange creature.

my  first experience with blogging was actually a fashion blog years ago. i find fashion to be a major creative outlet for me and i have so much fun putting things together in new & different ways.

part of this creative element for me is practiced by thrift-shopping.

people often ask me how i'm able to afford to travel so often, and an aspect of this is the fact that at least 90% of my wardrobe was purchased second-hand. whether it was at a vintage shop, consignment, or thrift store. i love wandering through these funky shops looking for a diamond in the rough. it's actually one of my favorite hobbies, and i have found some incredibly unique and fun little gems, for usually under $5.

sometimes i'll buy a piece and only wear it once, but that's perfectly fine because i bought it for $1. it's so much fun.

if  you haven't spent much time thrifting, i would highly recommend it. it takes a creative spark to look at a crazy vintage top and think of things you can pair it with to create an overall cohesive look that really represents who you are.

each piece of this outfit was all bought second-hand, save for the shoes which i bought at DFW for under $10.

some days, when i'm feeling lost or uninspired, putting together an outfit that makes me feel confident and unique can be just the thing to make me feel myself again.

it  hasn't always been easy for me to express myself this way. there was a time when i only wore old t-shirts and jeans, and i told people this was because i just wanted to blend in with the crowd. i didn't want to draw attention to myself in any way, in fear that people would misunderstand me or judge me.

but this just made me feel more stifled and isolated. i was eventually able to push through the fear and insecurity to slowly start branching out and trying new things. i started trying to make a statement with what i wore, to let my clothes speak for me. taking the risk has only given me more confidence and security in myself.

'fashion' may seem like a rather shallow thing to be passionate about, but to me, it's a form of creating something out of nothing, which i believe to be a necessary and beautiful part about life as a human person.

if clothes or fashion are not something you're interested in even a little bit, that is perfectly fine and normal. if you're able to find ways to express yourself that make you feel alive and genuine, hold onto those things. fight for them, even if people don't quite understand it. do it for yourself as an act of self-love and you'll blossom like a sunflower.

keep shining.


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ODESZA- It's Only (feat. Zyra)


  1. This was beautifully written. When I was younger I used to wear the craziest clothes, I loved wearing things that made people turn their heads. I wanted to be seen. But over time people told me to dial it down. They told me to grow up and that adults don't just wear whatever they want. So by the time I entered high school I had learned to blend in. Now it's been two years since graduation and I'm tired of blending in. I'm going to wear what makes me happy. This has been a long time coming and this post was the tipping point. Thank you for this, Ashley, you've inspired me to take back my style. <3

  2. so you're a strange creature, do you mind if I comment something about that? because I sort of relate to that, in some way? I love to buy crazy t-shirts, like really silly and childish t-shirts with lots of colours. shirts whit bunnies and puppies and cute things on them. not because I think they're supercute, but because it's super weird as an adult to wear something so childish and weird as sparkly cute puppy shirts. I don't even know why I do this, maybe it's a bit of a rebel thing, people tell you to grow up, you're too old to wear puppy shirts! but I just don't care enough yet to not wear puppy shirts. and the best thing is I don't feel any shame at all. so, I think what you're doing is really cool, your style is really really awesome. and it's inspirational too, maybe I should visit thrift stores more often. not because I want to copy your style or anything, but it seems that thrift storing is a more eco-friendly way of buying "new" clothing than actually buying new clothes isn't it...

  3. love this piece, ashley! I have 2 teenaged daughters and have instilled the love (and craft) of thrifting in them. For me there is a lot of nostalgia that comes in when I find something that I remember from the 80's....and so much of the vintage stuff was way better manufactured and durable. I always encourage the girls to be creative and put together whatever kind of outfits communicate how they are feeling. Clothes should be fun! It's hard when girls start becoming women, and their bodies change, and they become more self-conscious. So many current styles at department stores are "cookie-cutter" or "too trendy" (something the kids of SF try hard not to be!)--it's great to get away from that by going second-hand. :)
    you look adorable in the photos above, btw

  4. I'm on that tshirt and jeans phase but I'm bored of it so I'm starting to try new things, hopefully I'll be a sunflower again.

    hope you have a lovely week

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