I wanted to let you guys in on some things I have coming up. And throw in a few photos of me drinking an iced vanilla almond milk latte. Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

So the next couple of months for me are going to be a whirlwind.

As you may have gathered, I am not a seasoned blogger. This will be new to me, documenting and notating my experiences. But I’m going to try my hardest so that I can share these experiences with you. 

I’ll be heading to NYC next week with my family to see a special concert at Madison Square Garden. I have a good feeling it’ll be one for the books.

From New York, Andrew and I head out to Europe for about a month. A MONTH. I'm freaking out just a little bit. I've never been gone for this long. I'm going to miss my little home and my little cats and my little life here, but I am so ready for the adventure. I will be curious to see how the distance affects my anxiety. This is definitely something I'll chat about with you when the time comes.

We’ll be visiting Paris, Florence, Amsterdam, Reading/Leeds Festival, London, & Dublin. Have you been to any of these places? We’ve briefly seen Paris & London but would love any insight on what we must see/experience! We'll be flying between each city, and flight time = writing time. So hopefully I'll have some juicy posts for you coming up. 

Mid-September we’ll come home for a couple of weeks. At the end of September Andrew is heading to Seoul, South Korea. If all goes well I'll be joining him, and possibly seeing even more of Asia. I’ve heard such wonderful things about Seoul and am hoping plans will fall into place!

Through all of this craziness I still plan to post every Wednesday. And who knows, maybe more! What I want to do is hopefully give you some insight into the highs and lows of traveling. Things will go wrong, stress will take over, but I’m hoping to find some incredible inspiration in the newness of it all.

In the coming weeks I plan to talk a bit about creativity as coping and why it's so important to use your gifts and talents. 

Oh and hey! I got a new tattoo last week. The artist is Haley Slackerman (IG @fauxpavvs) at ihearttattoo in Columbus. I'm crazy in love with it.


Today is my four year anniversary with Andrew! He makes my heart so happy. Isn't he a total fox?

I found this article recently about how to treat a spouse dealing with anxiety & honestly, I feel like Andrew could have written it. He is so patient and gentle and caring and I truly don't know how I got so lucky. 



  1. I adore this blog Ashley!! keep it up 💖

  2. I am so excited for you! I can't wait to read all about your adventures. I wish you every happiness. <3

  3. Have fun on your travels!! I've been to London and Paris as well, but I've always wanted to see the rest of Europe, and especially Asia. Make sure to take lots of pictures!! Looking forward to seeing them :)

  4. You are going to love Dublin! Definitely check out the Guinness and Jameson factories, but my favorite was Kilmainham jail. It's only about 5€ for a tour and the tour guides make everything super interesting. Try and make it to the oldest pub in Ireland, the Brazen Head. Even if you're not a drinker it's still pretty neat to see. If you are a drinker definitely try and go on a literary pub crawl. I can't recall the name of the one I went one but it was a really cool way to see some Dublin while learning about the writers and sampling some local brews. Try not to spend too much time in the Temple Bar area. It's cool to see but it's mainly other Americans just hanging out. Hope this helps!

    Also, I've only just found your blog today and I am in love with your words! I can relate to a lot of things you're putting down so, thank you for that and keep up the AMAZING work! (:

  5. there's so much going on in your life, even I got excited!!, about your tattoo, I love it and I think your freckles add even more beauty, I love freckles.

    oh and happy anniversary, you both seem lovely x

  6. Exciting times ahead, can't wait to read your thoughts!! I'm also going to Leeds Festival for the first time this year as its only a 30 minute drive from my hometown- super excited and I'm sure you will love it too!

    Georgia Rose xo


  7. I lived in Amsterdam for a few years. Do you like books? There's this little book market where they sell second-hand books, really pretty ones. It's located next to some of the university's buildings in the city centre. The address is Oudemanhuispoort 4-6. It's pretty easy to find and if you can't find it, there are plenty of students around who will show you the way. The atmosphere there is lovely, so definitely worth a visit if you ask me.

    In Amsterdam, you can get a day ticket for public transport (bus, tram, subway), which will take you anywhere. A day ticket costs only €7,50 and is way cheaper than payer for each journey separately.

    In London, I'm sure you've heard of it but Camden Lock Market is a nice place where they sell all sorts of stuff, clothes, bags, food from all over the world. Oh and last time I was in London, I did a tour of the BBC, which was so much fun!

    If you need any advice or other tips on what to see in Amsterdam, you can always send me a message on Twitter (@Liekewrites).

    Have lots of fun during your trip! :) Oh and your tattoo is so pretty!

  8. Florence is one of my favorite cities ever! The Duomo Basilica is a must. I've never actually been inside the dome because it costs about €15 to enter and usually is about a half hour in line but according to my brother (who used to live in Italy) it's worth it if you can afford the price and time. The gardens on the outskirts of the city are beautiful, too. If you go, don't be afraid to go off the beaten path. My second time in Florence I went with one of my best friends and we just let our selves get lost for a few hours and talked. There's a lot of secluded areas where no one really goes that are really breathtaking. A lot of my best memories of living in and traveling around Europe were in Florence, so I hope it treats you as well as it has me ��. Best of luck on your travels!

    1. There's also a homestyle restaurant called Il Latini that's a must on my list. It's pricy, and you definitely need to book a reservation in advance but it's delicious! There's no menu, you basically get whatever they feel like serving that night, but its all amazing! You get about four or five courses including dessert and (a lot) of drinks. You basically just wait outside until they open for dinner, then they call out reservation names and seat you. It can be really hectic, but once you're seated you're in the clear from the craziness. Really fun and really good, authentic, tradition food. :)

  9. Remember that everything will be okay. It's going to be scary, not going to lie. New place, new adventure. But that's the good thing. Once you've done this, you will feel on top of the world. Like you can conquer it with strength. Stay strong, my love. ❤️