sometimes it feels like the world is ending. like the darkness could not get any darker and what else is left but a complete collapse? people blame this on our broken society, on the ever-growing world of mobility and connection and everyone wants something to blame for change. people want to point fingers at the youth culture and social media and data plans and digital distractions. 

what I love about social media, the internet, the world we live in today, is that without moving, we can reach out and touch people. it could be a gentle caress on a cheek or a sharp kick in the teeth. 

what I long to be is a cool breeze. a healing field of lavender or smooth silk sheets.

you see, I try to absorb loveliness like a sponge. I travel so that I can see the beauty on a larger scale. to realize that I am an ant in front of the Eiffel Tower or an acorn in the Grand Canyon. to remember that I have a part to play and that the world spins on at an incomprehensible speed despite my awareness of it.

I see life through slanted window shades. the light slips in through the slats and the dust sparkles like the sea under sunlight. I rarely fully open the shades in fear of hurting my eyes but I peek out occasionally, searching for solidarity. 

it is so easy to feel isolated. like your sadness is an assignment given only to you at birth and not a single soul will understand it.

it is so easy to feel replaceable. like a summer leaf that will always die but won't always be reborn. 

all I'm trying to say, my love, is that our souls are small but strong. even if it doesn't feel this way, it will carry you like a feather in a bird's wing over clouds. and once we realize this, we can be unstoppable. 

we can use this world we were born in with connectivity in our veins to strengthen the body parts that connect to the heartbeat of humanity. we can reach out and we can kiss a stranger without touching them. 

social media is a blessing and a curse and as long as we understand that every soul behind the screen has its scars, we can move forward with boldness. we can bless and rebuild the broken and we can show the world that we aren't an empty generation. 

maybe, possibly, we feel things even more. it's just easier to hide behind our highlight reel posted for people we may never meet. 

all I'm trying to say, my love, is that I'm glad you're here. these pixels link us together in an iron chain that can block out the darkness as long as we hold on.

let your touch be light and your life be bright and let's keep holding hands. let's keep talking and breathing and being.

this world has
so much for us 
and all I 
know is
that I 
need you.


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  1. your writing is beautiful, and I'm so glad you continue to post. 💓

  2. This was so beautiful Ashley, my eyes started to tear up at the end. We need you just as much as you need us and I too am grateful for the pixels on our screens that allow us to hold hands and connect with each other. Just know that I look forward to each and every Wednesday because I know that my eyes and thoughts will be blessed with your words. Love you so much Ashley and I am happy to see that you are enjoying your time discovering the worlds beauty with your favorite person by your side. 💕see you next Wednesday, love. xo yulissa

  3. beautiful.

    I would love to share this with my friend, if you're okay with it, we were talking about this earlier today, she will love this.

  4. Thank you so much. Your words continue to bless and ignite my spirit. All the love, sister. <3

  5. Your words are like a blanket around my shoulders when they can't seem to stop shaking. You give me courage to help myself and i'm so thankful. You replied to me one day on tumblr and i still think about it, what you shared about the weight of creativity shaped how i see my own poetry and has kept me inspired. I too am grateful for our screens and i wish you and your family all the best for this coming week. Lord bless <3

  6. I love your writing so much. Don't ever stop. Please.